this is the worst day ever.

i must say that today is the worst day ever in my life. i must say it is. it all started at 4.00 am on Oct 26th when i got an emergency call from my friend which stated that my cousin was caught by the police for smuggling unregistered phones; which is 20 units of iPhone and BlackBerry. ok, story about that. i already booked one unit of iPhone for my friends, Anwar a.k.a Gon and he had paid 150 for the down payment. and as usual business, every customer wants their purchased items, no matter what happened. well, that's today's business, man. people pay you, you better give 'em the best. now that my cousin a.k.a The Running Man a.k.a The Supplier had been caught by the police. and those bastards wanted 6k, 300 for each unit, or they took all 20 phones. ok, so he paid them 6k, hoping that he would get the items and deliver it to the customers. he used all of the money, including the all 150s he got from his customers to bribe those fucking bastards which we called police. ok, the money was handled to 'em, and the fuck-est part was, they took the phone also. now what the fuck was that? y'all got those money, so what was the fucking point u guys took the phones also. fucking police. now, no phone. sure all customers wanted their 150 back. and The Running Man had no money. he had used it all to pay the fucking police.

next, the violation of my privacy. i gotta tell u guys this. the violation of my privacy sure pissed me off real bad. if u were unlucky, i might smack u with my baseball bat. there were some of those punks, and i don't fucking know where the hell did they get my picture, and most importantly my high school picture(which i hate those fucking high school memory so much) and all of the sudden it was posted at facebook, and tag all of the people in it. you punks got my pic over the internet, and post it in public, without my approval, which was in the picture, and most important thing, that picture was the i-hate-to-show-to-other-people picture, ain't that a privacy violation? and so i started my day with scolding and cursing people for posting my picture over the internet.

and so i went to the Computer Organization test at 3.30-4.30 at block N. and took the test, as usual, i would empty my pocket and put it all in my bag and went to the test. and after the test, i went back to my room, blah blah blah... and as i wanted to listen to my iPod, the shittest thing happened. no sign of my iPod in my bag! for sure i searched it like a woman who lost her kid, searching everywhere with despair-looking face, Apict did witness it. i followed my track back from V1 to block N, hoping that i would find my iPod. still no sign. i was losing my hope, had no point to live. i bought that thing with my own cash, and u know how i love that thing and losing it, sure it kills me. from this evening until now, i didn't even dare to open my iTunes application, it hurts me so much. i don't know what to say about this. i was speechless.

then it was my iPhone customer. he wants the 150 as soon as possible. now with The Running Man had no cash, same with me, how could he get the cash as soon as possible? no, i'm not using my own cash, it's not me who did the business, i'm just a fucking middleman. for what reason must i used my own cash to pay my customer? i have no comment about this, i don't know what to say about this, but i'll bet ya The Running Man would ask me to use my own cash to pay my customer the 150.

later that night, Grand Dinner meeting. i don't wanna go to that meeting, i had to study for my test. and the reply was, "study sebelum pukul 10. pastu kau dtg ar meeting.". yeah, easy to say, dawg. u never experienced what i experienced, eh Manager? everytime i went to the meeting, it was useless. my department seemed did not have any task to do, cause all of the task we supposed to do was taken by another department. huh, what a douche. so now, what was the point of going to meeting? it was like wasting your time, whereas u could use the wasted time to catch up your syllabus and do something else.

so, ain't this is the worst day ever? actually there are lot of shits happened on that day. i just write the events which are understandable by everybody. the rest, u will never understand it. better i keep it on my own.

you better not lose to Redskins, Philly!
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it's the Enzo Ferrari!!!

warning/ernste warnung/предупреждение: the following post is strictly not related to the above title.

it's 7.10...kat luar dah terang dah pun...and i'm not able to sleep.

why? because there are too much going on inside of my head and i don't know how to tell it. don't know where to start with. actually it's an old issue, probably last year's or a couple of years back issue and then the problems keep coming, and adding to the head, adding more and more headache. craphole.. seriously i had been under attack by these thing called 'migrain', and to make it worse, during my driving back in several months ago. all of the sudden, the blood rushed to the head and it was like 'the shittest feeling ever on earth'. while i was driving. luckily i was not involved in anything un-nice, and dead.

now i have to straighten up myself. the problem? fuck it. to hell with it. live happily. long live and prosper (credit to Star Trek to avoid plagiarism...lol)

- May the Force be with you.

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studio debut

just finished my studio jamming debut (after raya) with faris, damak polloi, rais gila and nuar bangang. it was a long time we didn't jam together, i thought i would become more crappier than our previous session. so i started to listen various songs from my iTunes player (the predicted song to be played in studio, such as the strokes, arctic monkeys, etc, etc...). concentrate so much on the drumline so that i would not become a crap in studio.


something weird, but fun happened in the studio. we didn't play our 'usual song' (as stated in the predicted songs above). instead we played Taper Jean Girl, King Of The Rodeo, Red Morning Light, Trani, Joe's Head, California Waiting, Disorder, She Lost Control, etc etc... it was the first time we played that kind of setlist, but everything went fine. jamming with legends like Ian Curtis and Emmet (ask the bandmates about who these two blokes really are), sure made us felt 'mantol gile nak mampos'. the chemistry was there, i could feel it.

so, what's next? songs from Humbug? hahaha...

p/s : Ian Curtis mantol sial!

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