esok adalah hari baru.

forget the past.look into the future...demn aku pn xtau knape aku tulis ayat ni.
esok ada test.i mean,hari ini.
CO...demn subjek tu mmg susah tahap gaban..nk kne hafal that freakin boolean la,de morgan la,hexa,octa,deci la....
adoi..leceh la nk kira2 ni.dah la time lab td calculator aku rosak..cam sial je la...
kalau rosak time test esok,mmg aku buang ke laut la calculator lahanat tu...
menyusahkan org je...penat aku jaga kau wahai calculator...kau jgn hampakan tuan kau ni.

-my flu is getting better..haha nasib baik x H1N1..mkn ubat sedas dua das dh elok..hahaha
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what i'm gonna do after my graduation?

we were speaking about this matter just now...some said they wanna work for 2-3 years and then start a family...start a family before their age hits 30...some said they wanna work for 20-30 years and then retired with full pot of gold...i said nothing about this issue...ok, i said a lil bit but i'm not sure and confident for what i had said...ok, now i'm gonna say truthfully(maybe) about what i'm gonna do after my graduation.

ok,if anything goes well,i mean if i'm not extended my semester,then i will finish my study in december 2012..i guess so lah..convo in july 2013..so i got around 6 months before convo..for sure during my convo i already got a job..so where i'm gonna work?i don't know..maybe PETRONAS,if they offer me..if not,well,business/I.T student sure got many places to work,rite?where am i gonna stay,it's up to where i'm gonna work..if KL,then in KL lah,if Ipoh,stay at my parent's..if not both places?nevermind,i know lah what to do..period of working?i don't know..maybe in 10 years working under a company..

long period eh?ya lah,the longer you work under the same company,the more experience you can get from it..and then,the last issue : starting a family..damn,i really hate this issue but you know,we can't run away from this issue forever..it will keep chasing us..haha..so better i set the timeline now..so i wanna start a family at 30+..i wanna enjoy this life you know..cause rite now i'm kinda feel like into it..life without the special one..and it suits me well..weird..i know it sounds weird...feel free to criticise me..but am i gonna attend my friend's wedding all alone by myself?or hanging around at mamak by myself while all my friends hanging around with their family?man,this can't be..thus i wanna change my statement just now..let the Almighty decide when i'm gonna get married..

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the miserablization of me.

this morning i didnt go to lab.and class.same thing on monday.didnt go to lab also.its all because of my 'batman' habbit...sleeping late at nite.
dammit even got 8 am class also wanna sleep late at nite...
what has happened to me?!
tonite im gonna sleep early.
palig lewat pn pukul 2.
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like 4 hours ago i lost my wallet...
in that thing,i have my :
-driving license
-ATM card
-student card
-H1N1 screening card
-summon slips

ok,not too many lah in my wallet
but for me,losing it symbolizes something...
no responsible.
yep..no responsible
how come i can lose that easy thing?
while others do not lose theirs?
am i gonna be a responsible person in the future?
compromises my responsibility integrity so much at that time...

luckily lah keri found it..
behind bass guitar amplifier..
grrr i'll smack you,amp!!!!
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blog baru.orang sama.

this is my new blog.
yang lama punya dh kena delete.
google account yang delete account lama aku so dengan automatic nya blog lama pun xleh access...
mmg cam sial...
especially email hackers.

xde mende lain ke yg korang nk hack...
adoyai hack la kementrian pertahanan ka,
pejabat PM ka,
UTP nye sistem ka,
email aku gak yang nak di hack...
bukan aku kaya pun.

so tadi baru lepas tgk GI Joe.
citer tu mmg caya.
rugi kalau x tgk.
x buang duit pun gi tgk.
bukan mcm Harry Potter baru2 ni... :D
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