of Broken Heart and Promises (2nd edition)

Now five years have gone by,
In the night of late October,
Where costumes come fly,
Our souls unite; it seemed like forever.

Now five years have gone by,
We recite names and words,
Juveniles; "Was this destined?"
Rest assured, we could take on the whole world!

Now five years have gone by,
Shattered dreams and future,
You tore up the old suture,
And there will be no coming back.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha 1435H

7 Social Sins:
  • Wealth without work.
  • Pleasure without conscience.
  • Knowledge without character.
  • Commerce without morality.
  • Science without humanity.
  • Politics without principle.

Happy Eid Adha!
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Dark Comedy 101

Scenario: di kaunter station minyak, nak beli rokok.

Me: Dik, rokok Winston merah ada? 
CounterGirl: Winston? Merah? Sat yaa...haa, ada lagi satu ja tinggal...kotak last...
Me: Haa, chun la tuh...nampak gaya nya saya pembeli bertuah hari ni. Hahaha...
CounterGirl: Hahaha...

You don't get it, do you..? Haha
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You win, I win.

Always find a way to overcome a situation. Master Lee displayed that character gracefully.

Never lose. Even if you're stuck in the most impossible situation, never stop thinking and moving. A win-win situation is better than losing.

Someone said that to me. I forgot whom. Hahaha...
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