The Fall at The Bridge

ok this is the story about The Fall of Chelsea. the round of 16 UEFA Champions League's game is just over, between Chelsea FC and Internazionale Milan, resulting 1-0 win to Inter. 1-0 winning means 3-1 aggregate to Inter(2-1 at the 1st leg game) and seals away their place to the quarter final. one goal from Samuel Eto'o is enough to silence The Blues' fan at The Bridge as he scored at 78th minute, just 12 minutes away from the final whistle. with only 3 minutes remaining, Chelsea had to play with 10 men as Drogba is sent off due to his body contact(maybe) foul against Thiago Motta.

Chelsea sucks. as a fan of Chelsea FC, i must say that Chelsea is very suck at that game. better watch Man Utd play against AC Milan, with more organized gameplay by United. seriously they keep on playing at the side of the field,rather than playing creativefuly at previous game(vs West Ham). seriously man, Inter managed to block them from the side, keep blocking them from making a nice cross. nice work, you Italianos. defenders,not so fast enough when it comes to Eto'o's goal. it was Ivanovic who failed to realiza Eto'o's presence and lead to his goal. the most frustrated thing is no finishing. come on,guys..with Anelka and Drogba play at the front,how come cannot produce A GOAL? better bring in Kakutta, or Sturridge next time. to Inter,nice play especially to Sneijder,Eto'o and Milito on the offensive side,Zanetti,Maicon on the defensive side and Julio Cesar,the goalkeeper for performing so well at the game. defensive - nice one,nice marking. i'm sure Mourinho knows well about his ex-squad,even after 3 years leaving Chelsea. even after leaving the club,The Special One still managed to beat his ex-players and club.
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