bakar, jangan tak bakar.

post ini tidak ada kaitan dengan abu bakar as-siddiq, abu bakar ellah dan juga pak bakar. dan juga tidak ada kaitan dengan bakar rokok. jikalau anda nak bakar rokok ketika membaca post ini, silakan. bak sini sepam dua.

harini memang takde citer lain. bukak lah buletin utama ke, berita kerajaan RTM ke, edisi 7 ke, berita mandarin ke, awani ke, headline mereka-mereka ini semua nya sama je. semua nya pasal gereja kena bakar. berapa banyak? 3 gereja. 2 kena bakar, lagi 1 tak sempat. kat mane? kat area2 selangor. bila berlaku nya ni? tengah malam semalam. ini semua punca nya daripada, takyah citer kat sini lah, semua orang dah tau. pasal punca nya tu, saya no comment. lebih baik diam daripada buat ulasan sendiri. karang, tak pasal2 kena hentam. saya nak bagi saya punya personal point of view lah pasal mende ni.

korang nak bergaduh pasal nama tuhan tu, lantak korang lah, saya tak pernah kisah pun. janji takde kacau bilau. ini dah sampai bakar gereja ni, ape kes brader? korang ingat bakar2 gereja tu jihad sangat ke? abah engkau. ni sape ustaz sekolah agame korang ni? tak reti nak ajar ke? konon nya lah (pada pendapat saya) bakar gereja ni, berjuang di jalan Allah lah konon. pegi mam sama korang. kasi huru hara negara ni ade lah. korang ingat, Tuhan suka ke korang buat mende2 camni? perilaku yang sebegini memalukan malaysia je. dan menghancurkan keharmonian kaum dan inter-religion kat malaysia ni. nak jadi cam bosnia? perang etnik yang berlainan agama? pastu berpecah belah. come on la, brader2 sekalian, Nabi tak ajar buat mende camni. Islam pun tak ajar beb. tak pernah dengar pun Islam suruh musnahkan rumah ibadat agama lain. ni punca nya benda remeh-temeh je, takyah la nak buat mende camni. macam budak2 la. korang caci, maki hamun kitorang budak2 muda ni tak matang, padahal korang lagi tak matang. ape kes?

harini bakar gereja, esok nak buat ape pulak? nak bom pulak ke? pastu bom masjid, bom gereja balik, sampai bila la nak habis?

One Love, One Heart.


Life In A Decade (as urged by encik Ahmad Faris)

Mr Faris has urged anyone who read his 'Life In A Decade' post to write down the past 10 years of his/her life. and i decided to write it down my life in the past 10 years. hmm kinda trying to memorize all things that happened in the past 10 years time.

-moved to kajang from shah alam. new school again. it was my 3rd school in 4 years(cheras-shah alam-kajang). first time ride a bike to go to school(bmx baik punya!)

-i watched WWF for the 1st time ever. heard my friends talking about The Rock, Stone Cold, Chyna made me curious.

-first time jadi pengawas(sekolah agama je la). kena jaga perhimpunan ngan surau time semayang asar.

-accident! was hit by a motorcycle while go to school. absent at school for a week. i think my right shoulder badly hurt. but bmx still ok, good story.

-moved to ipoh(till now). new school, again. the 4th ones. turns out the boy who sat next to me in class was my neighbor at my new house.

-BSB(Backstreet Boys) mania! ni sumer yazid ngan my cousin punya kerja la ni, i was doctrined by that kind of music by these two people. and nick carter was freaking awesome that time!

-sunat. masuk darjah 5 baru nak sunat.

-bmx was stolen! yeah, it took me a week to find that bike and i found it by the river, covered by mud. forever will i curse the boy who took it.

-started to collect all 43 issues of dragon ball comics. hellyeah! complete issues in my room!(and later my lil bro lost most of the issues. darn him)

-started to drink coca cola. kinda sad huh my life? isk isk...

-1st time ponteng. Fahmi was succeeded to bait me ponteng sekolah(only using his Gameboy Color as bait) and played his gameboy color(i finished pokemon yellow in one day). sekali tu je.

-counter strike and cyber cafe. with my neighbour and later was busted by one of the teachers(cikgu idris memang ***** tangkap time esoknya tu hari report card). and yeah i was beaten by my dad. very bad.

-big fight! with my neighbour. small fight turned to a big fight.

-got Digimon D2 for my bday. cool...

-revelation. farouqi invented to me Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory. cool stuff. "crawling in my skin....."

-and i wanted to be a rapper. 8 Mile's influence.

-5A's UPSR! my dad was freakingly happy at that time. i noticed it was joyfully-tearful in his face.

-i attended 3 schools. in this year. all in the first 2-months period.

-attended the 3rd school. sm*pk. back to kajang again. the school that will change my life forever.

-1st week in sm*pk. was pau-ed by the seniors. they took all my foods in the locker. f*** that seniors. can't report them, though. got beat by them later if do so.

-MC battle. went from class to class, MC battling with their best. kinda pretty good MC-ing at that time, everyone got beaten down except Mr Thaqib Anaqi a.k.a Darth Crankey. damn the shit was pretty good too. and we became rapping partner.

-got beaten up by the seniors. and i was expecting it. all because i refused their invitation to play football with them. u know, seniors...

-first rap song with Darth Crankey. i forgot the title.

-first time surfing bangbus.com. thanks, sarawakian boy who taught me to do that(what the f was his name eh?).

-revelation, by Amar Marwan. gave me some sum 41, green day and blink 182's stuffs. green day i liked the most. International Superhits!. remembered it until now.

-first time heard to OAG. also forgot the song title. Shairazin punya kerja. was doctrined by him. and system of a down by syed sheh shahabuddin, my personal music doctrine officer + cousin. Steal This Album!. still remembered it till now.

-my Japs language was getting better. after being 'brainwashed' by mum.

-last place in final year examination had put me in the last class for the next year. plus being mentally insulted by the teachers.

-first experience ever to social network world. friendster + myspace.

-my class: 27 boys, 4 girls. yeah, nice... and cool classmates too.

-i started to forget how to MC-ing. but still listening to too phat.

-got a 'new home' at hostel. the ceiling. complete with mattresses, lamp, radio, foods, ashtray, collections of 100+ cigarette boxes, from generations(i think so) and walkie talkie. (nak citer pasal camne bilik special ni operate, 2-3 post jugak la nak kena tulis)

-revelation, by Shairazin. this dude gave me more weirder shits(at the given time). foo fighters, butterfingers, slipknot, 7 collar tshirt, nice stupid playground, etc etc in his fucking locker. just open the drawer and you will find it. plus, butterfingers released new album at that year, selamat tinggal dunia. the beginning of my music-taste revolution.

-nearly wore only a boxer to school session. busted at 8 am sleeping at dorm. me, apek, usop, din, shai and others. rilek ar, dah lepas pmr kot. pasca-pmr f*** you, school admins.

-9A's PMR! thank God, cause i can appeal to move to MCKK + get the hell outta this school. but sadly, my dearest friend, shairazin a.k.a shai got kicked out. agama B. he got 8As 1B. still got kicked out. fucking school, fucking admins.

-december break. darth crankey a.k.a thaqib anaqi ayam YM-file-transfered me songs. kinda old skool method to send songs. i think it was the subways: rock and roll queen.

-first time dapat mp3 player(for pmr present). bye bye walkman!

-my appeal to MCKK did not work. sigh...

-'You Know You're Right' and 'Smell Like Teens Spirit' were played at radio at the same week. "macam pernah dgr lagu ni time kecik2". curiosity crept inside me. and...boom! it was Nirvana who sang these songs. baru nak kenal siapa Nirvana...

-try to hook up with my one of my classmates. but nearly fight with her bf about that. better avoid the fight and i gave up. no point fighting about a girl. and she did not speak to me until spm finished.

-waged war with that douchey PK HEM over mp3 player issue. small issue, still he wanted to call my dad. bodoh punya HEM.

-World Cup. im not talking about the world cup, zidane headbutt, or italy. it was the incident at the tomyam restaurant. it was brazil-ghana game, climbed the wall and watched football ramai2. yeah, only astro broadcast brazil's game. and then, all of the sudden warden came to that restaurant and we were scattered like pigeons at Jalan Masjid India tu. left all the tomyam campur, daging masak merah, etc etc on the table. "dik, dik bayar dik!" said the counter girl. i went back to the school with harith pop and fakrol. out of 7-8 of us went out, i managed to go back with only 3 of my friends. fuck, it was full operation by wardens to bust those 'flyers' and they did it at the right time. got suspended for a week. it was 11 of us.

-speaking of 11, there was another 11 of my friends got kicked out. because of the crime they did not commit. and then another big loss. farid a.k.a ah leng got kicked out. reason: unknown. the loss of a great percussionist.

-my grandma died. on my way back to kl after visited her at hospital. as i arrived at kl, i bought a ticket and went back to ipoh an hour later.

-revelation. metalhead and arctic monkeys. by those aviation students near my home(whom i knew cause play football together) and thaqib ayam anaqi respectively. iron maiden, helloween, gamma ray, megadeth, sepultura, children of bodom filled in my mp3 player.

-first studio jamming. with thaqib anaqi ayam. from rapping to playing band.

-oh yeah, this is the first time i smoke. nusantara merah my first ever. aku lambat sikit lah masuk hospital dari faris kot nanti.

-and yeah, was hated by the teachers for unknown reason. reaction: hate 'em back!

-all of the sudden, i became the most wanted. what the fuck, wak re(PK 1)?!

-try to cuci tangan, entered back nasyid group after being kicked out in 06. made it to national level. but still hated by the teachers. because we got 2nd place in national level. thank you for hating us, and me.

-the most boring class: my class. approved by other classes.

-a week before spm: "saya doa kamu gagal la, nazrin", teacher. thank you for saying that.

-SPM. and it finished. im really(1000x) glad + joyful tear because finally, i can leave this damn, sick school. never say good bye to that sick school. only to friends.

-got to work to earn money. the beginning of a gardener's tale.

-gig-ing, jamming, travel-ing, and football-ing. played for a club, though. Lapangan Permata FC under-18. left midfield

-7As SPM! it was ok, im glad with my result, and i straight went back to my uncle's at ampang after get the result. that was the last time i went to the school. did not went back until now.

-interviews: UTP and ALAM. ALAM's 2nd round i did not go. got UTP. yeah...

-got new friends at UTP. buloo, apai, and kimi from room in front. faris, poncai at floor below. botak, apict, judin, apit always come to our floor.

-not officially form a band at utp. but jammed together.

-*read the post before this post.*

and there goes a decade of my life. as far as i remembered. its kinda fun trying to remember those memories, i have to open picture albums back, picking up old stuffs from cupboard... and hell yeah when i looked back this post, i laughed at myself. and yeah, laugh me if you want to. this is my bits of past 10 years stories, and i know its kinda weird.


it's 2010,comrades!

today is 2010.yesterday was 2009.today,i open a new book for 2010's story.and im fucking hoping that this year will be more fun than last year.or else i'll kill myself with a shotgun(kurt cobain konon).

this year im 20.shit im getting older.the first number of my age has turned to 2.its not 1 anymore.crap now i feel older than before.i dont know why im feeling like this,is it because all of the sudden the number turns to 2.and im not ready for it?i dont know,fellas.it is just all of the sudden this i-am-getting-older feeling is creeping inside me.

2009 was kinda fun year,though.im graduating my so-suck foundation year.go shisha + karaoke with my fellow and beloved comrades at fihra.singing we are the champion,and amin was punching someone at that time(lupa la siape).and karaoke with shaf(my dearest karaoke mate) at KL lah,ipoh lah.but shaf is freaking good.i will always note him as The Jamal Abdillah.and not to be forgotten,trip to Lumut.with just motorcycles.with fellow comrades faris, luq, shaf, kimi, adib, nik, zeff, nuar and zarith.god,it was like hell.stranded on highway for like,4 hours cause kimi kenot's motorcycle broke down.then we wandered around lumut dah macam mat rempit,and nearly kena halau by orang kat resort tu(terlebih orang).then mandi at teluk batik,bought swimming short at that time,pastu terus mandi.shit it made me laugh when i remember that time.and Ahli Majlis' meeting,at first it was once in a month,then it's everyday-meeting.damn you,gon...my debut performance,with my band,at V1 Dinner.yeah,the equipment was suck,but cool though.and i hope it will be our first step to the other performances in UTP.

climate change, MJ's death, Malaysian Football's SEA Games gold medal, cut the crap, fellas.everyone knows that.it's not worth to write it down here.

the truth is,my friends really made 2009 a meaningful year for me.a huge thanks to my fellow and beloved friends:

joe budu
apit penang
and others whose name were not stated here

for making my 2009 full of fun and meaningful.thank you,guys.

now it's 2010.lets make this year a hell worth for all of us!

Good Bye dear 2009!