i'm currently sick. with these heavy, chesty cough and runny-nose flu, sure it limits my activities. and my daily routine. no cold beverages, cough kot, mane bleh minum... and menthol cigarettes, mostly prefer Salem Menthol. booo to me. booo to my currently daily routine =(

but one thing i like about getting sick.

when we got sick, we'll be grateful of what the God has given to us before we got sick. that is the time when we will promise to ourselves that we'll not do these thing lah, that thing lah..."ok pasni aku kurangkan isap rokok"..."haih, kena excercise banyak banyak pasni "...macam macam...the question is, will we keep that promise after we relieve from sick? ask that to yourselves, fellas.

-jaga kesihatan anda semua. pesanan dari Kementrian Kesihatan
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Kamelia unleashed!

it was a great Halloween night show, i said it a Halloween night but in fact it was a simple dinner occasion hahaha.

well done performance by judin and the gang, Starlight (Muse) and Reptilia (The Strokes), although there was a lil bit of, you know, imperfect there :P

and to my band, great show. we played our best. but the crowd weren't cool. nah, it's okay. technical was suck. i must said it was suck. next time we gotta reduce the number of rhythm guitars. but overall it was great. as long we enjoyed it while we were on stage, it's okay. let us remembered it as our debut performance in UTP, shall we?

a million of thanks to:

Faris Ahmad
Damak Polloi
Rais Gila

so, what's next? Pelesit Kota? ;)
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