of Broken Heart and Promises (2nd edition)

Now five years have gone by,
In the night of late October,
Where costumes come fly,
Our souls unite; it seemed like forever.

Now five years have gone by,
We recite names and words,
Juveniles; "Was this destined?"
Rest assured, we could take on the whole world!

Now five years have gone by,
Shattered dreams and future,
You tore up the old suture,
And there will be no coming back.

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha 1435H

7 Social Sins:
  • Wealth without work.
  • Pleasure without conscience.
  • Knowledge without character.
  • Commerce without morality.
  • Science without humanity.
  • Politics without principle.

Happy Eid Adha!
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Dark Comedy 101

Scenario: di kaunter station minyak, nak beli rokok.

Me: Dik, rokok Winston merah ada? 
CounterGirl: Winston? Merah? Sat yaa...haa, ada lagi satu ja tinggal...kotak last...
Me: Haa, chun la tuh...nampak gaya nya saya pembeli bertuah hari ni. Hahaha...
CounterGirl: Hahaha...

You don't get it, do you..? Haha
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You win, I win.

Always find a way to overcome a situation. Master Lee displayed that character gracefully.

Never lose. Even if you're stuck in the most impossible situation, never stop thinking and moving. A win-win situation is better than losing.

Someone said that to me. I forgot whom. Hahaha...
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Honesty pays...in the long run

The System (a name given by me) always demand us to follow majority of the people. E.g: if most people are wearing blue, you have to wear blue; if you wear pink you're going to be condemned/bashed. That's the way things are working nowadays. The System does not want you to be different, nor does it want you to think differently. It does not want you to stand tall from the others, It wants you to be ordinary. Ordinary is good, ordinary is comfort, ordinary is warm, etc. Don't try to fight the System, for It will countermeasure your move. The System is designed to put you down, not to be able to think freely. What is freedom? Freedom is just a name on a paper, not worth of fighting.

Honesty will set you free. In this world full of information and social networking sites, I dare to say that 70-80% people are fake, full of lies, and trying too hard to squeeze in the 'society'. Right or wrong, they just agree on what the 'society' says. Cyber-bullying becomes legal. Talking bad about other people publicly becomes permissible. Why? Because the 'society' says so. Follow the 'society' if you want to live...or you might end up like that poor chap. I can't stand watching these 70-80% being fake for the sake of being accepted by the 'society'. I bet that these people are also fake and pretentious in their real-life. How can you be fake for the rest of your life?

I just cannot understand how do you lot live with that pretentious life, having to put on a mask everyday and not being able to show your true colour because the 'society' might abandon you? Do you lot have abandonment issue? Did your parents abandon you when you were little? Why do you lot think about what other people are thinking about you? Don't you have a life/work/family to think for? Why care about the number of followers unfollowed you?

These are the questions that need answering from you guys. Yes, you lot. 70-80% small people who only think about other people.

Please, I really want you lot to be different. The goal of me writing this shit is for you lot to change the way you thinking. Because I know every human being on this planet is different. Don't just follow the herd, think before you follow. I'm certain that most of the Internet users are well-educated people. Practice those values you have learned throughout your life. Let them be your guidance on your thinking skills. Don't be blinded by the so-called 'harmonious society'. Don't be afraid to go against the 'society' if you think what they are doing is wrong. The society is not always right. TwitterJaya is not always the righteous society. I agree to some of the crap you lot are talking about, but most of the time I think it's all rubbish and full of bullshit & lies. See? That's honesty. You stand because it is right and you fight because it is wrong. And a lot of people loathe me because of that. Am I a disturber of peace? Am I cracked? By your definition, I'd like to think yes I am.

You might think I'm a hateful, anti-social, narcissist, lalang, you-better-stay-with-the-monkeys kind of person. It's okay, say what you want about me. I don't give a crap about you guys. For me, honesty is one of those values I learned when I was growing up. "Be honest, people will hate you for it but don't worry...one day they'll appreciate you", a great man once said to me. I'm honest in voicing out my opinions, and I see no wrong doing that. At least I'm being honest. What about you lot?

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#Gaza: a decade of changes.

It's been more than a decade since I started taking a great interest in Israeli-Palestinian War. Back then, almost every week you would hear news report about violence in Gaza, Ramallah and Jerusalem. Children were killed, women were beaten, young boys were shot, captured and tortured for no reason (IDF said they were Hamas 'terrorists'..whatever, dickheads). And Temple Mount, the place where Al-Aqsa mosque resides was a hot area back then. Some news reported that the Israeli government wanted to tear the mosques (Al-Aqsa, Dome of Rock & Dome of Chain) down, primarily because they wanted to build the second Great Temple of Solomon (that was what I was told back then). Do y'all remember about a picture of a father and his son taking cover from a series of shooting behind a wall? That was on early 2000s. The Age of The Second Intifada.


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Zionist & McDonald's

*I'm not suggesting anything in this post, for it will reflect my judgement and make me look like I have chosen sides. I'm neutral.*

What else to say? I think I don't need any lengthy introduction about both of these. I don't know about any of these 'proofs' linking McDonald's to the Zionist Regime in Israel, but all I know is this: they are one of the major funds contributing to Jewish United Fund (JUF). 

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aku ingatkan pasal apa la dok kecoh CDM25 kat twitter tu..rupa2 nya pasal benda ni ke..

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You Need to Write It down, Son.

writer's block, they call it. I call it a congestion of ideas and thoughts, like the streets of Kuala Lumpur on 8 A.M. too many ideas keep flowing out, I don't know which one I should spill. and as the result, I posted bullshits all over my social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, G+). sorry if annoyed some of you in my posts, I never meant it, haha...

the point is, people tend to misinterpret what I tried to convey. I don't blame them because not all are gifted with an open heart + mind...plus, posting stuffs in facebook is kinda annoying and twitter has a limitation of 140 characters per post/tweet.

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Back in Blood

F*** this shite let's post something cool in here!

this blog is dying.
I was dying.
but now I prevail.
and this blog too.

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