The Real Eye Shield 21

i think everyone have read this manga called EyeShield 21 right?well basically the story is about a high-schooler named Kobayakawa Sena played in an American Football team called Deimon Devil Bats.sure there are lots of characters in this story but i want to emphasize on the main character,Kobayakawa Sena a.k.a the EyeShield 21.

well,Sena plays as Running Back (RB) position for the Devil Bats.and he wears the jersey by the number 21.and he also wears an eyeshield on his helmet,in order to keep the EyeShield 21 identity unknown.

Name: Sena Kobayakawa
Team: Deimon Devil Bats
Position: Running Back (RB)
Jersey Number: 21

well,i must say here that in National Football League (NFL) in USA,there is a real EyeShield 21.in a real American Football game.y'all don't believe?let's take a look.

well,there he is.our mysterious EyeShield 21.number 21,wearing an eyeshield on his helmet.so,who the fuck is this guy?

Name: LaDainian Tomlinson
Team: currently playing for New York Jets
Position: Running Back (RB)
Jersey Number: 21

well,this is our real EyeShield 21.Tomlinson,playing as RB and wearing jersey number 21.he also wears the eyeshield too.well,except for the skin color.


watched this movie on Thursday night with luqman,zainol,rais and faris.originally we wanted to watch The Expendables but ended up watching this movie.

okay,i don't want to write a long review about this movie.all i want to write is this: too many twisted in the storyboard and destroys the excitement of those action-packed shits in this movie.and those Cold War,Russia-America bullshits .


Meet Me In The Basement

Song Title: Meet Me In The Basement
Artist: Broken Social Scene
Album: Forgiveness Rock Record

dapat main lagu ni lagu opening Euphonious next year memang terbaik la!

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One More Time With Colors EP by Zee Avi

track listing:
1. Is This The End
2. I Wish I Never
3. Just You And Me
4. The Story

another discography collection from Zee Avi. nice EP,tho. i recommend y'all listen to Just You And Me,nice song. overall,this piece of artwork by Zee Avi is nice,with her soft and mellow voice,just as we expected from her.no need to write more,just get this EP and listen it.it's worth buying,i promise.


500 Days of Summer

no need to write a long essay about what i've been through.this movie describes it all.a great movie,tho.you guys should see it.


the 1st day of fasting live feed

-after celebrating faris' birthday in such an un-gay style,all went to mamak(the restaurant) to sahur(having a meal before you start fasting at the dawn).nasi goreng ayam tak habis,syrups,ganu's new scandal(squash thingy).

10.00 am
-woke up and there was my pall mall menthol on the desk.dah nak isap dah,baru teringat puasa pulak.on the way to the class,went in the shop and nearly bought a drink,baru teringat today was the first day of puasa.sigh,could not drink a fresh,lovely milk on the way to class.

-finished class.straight away went to bed.

-woke up.tried to sleep back but could not do so.damn the weather was so hot,at puasa day pulak tu.

-at the bazaar.yong taw fu Rm15.dah lama tak beli yong tau fu sampai RM15..

-still in the car on the way back to college when i heard the azan maghrib.we popped the A&W rootbeer in the car and there was it,the 1st day of puasa was successfully finished!

now,i just finished sahur for the next puasa day with nuar,rais,faris and zainol.

s' been a long time

i've been through lots of stuffs since the last post was published.bad times,good times,happy times,shitty times,you name it,fellas.but it's okay,i gained some experience though,and experience teaches you how to live.and yeah,this new motherf-er problem just hit me: i am currently having a short term memory.so,if suddenly i forget about things,please don't be mad at me.luckily i still can remember my friends,and y'all keep that in mind,will you?

to fellow friends,thanks for helping me out during my hard times.thanks for reincarnate me back from the dead.til i die i'll remember that.

keep going on forward,even there is a storm ahead,because this is life.